Story of a Fibro Warrior…

Photos for Fibro… May 14, 2011

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I reached out to my  family and friends for National Fibromyalgia Awareness day!  I asked everyone to take a picture of themselves/their pets/kids, etc. in purple to support Fibro awareness.

I am so excited about all the pictures that were sent to me!  I spent a lot of my day to explaining fibro to people who really weren’t sure what it is or what it’s like.  I hope I helped answer a lot of questions people have about fibro, like what the pain is like, what the side effects are and what I do to treat it.  I feel like I got to contribute to the national awareness day and it felt great!

A very, very special thank you to everyone who sent me a picture.  It meant so much to me…











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3 Responses to “Photos for Fibro…”

  1. BigSister Says:

    That’s a lot of purple! Love it and love you!

  2. Irene Malone Says:

    Great pics, & fabulous idea. Really enjoy reading your blogs. You know you always have my support. Luv ya!!!!

  3. Margo Says:

    This is really amazing! Tha is for sharing. :-)

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