Watch out fibro! Here comes the brides!!!

Fibro is a funny thing.  Fibro-Fog, to me anyway, is more than just being forgetful, or mixing up words.  I also get the pleasure of getting overwhelmed very easily.  This is especially true when I have to follow directions.  This became very evident this past weekend when I helped my husband at a local bridal show.  The bridal show was being presented by the local newspaper where he works and they pulled in all the help they could get.  It was my impression we would be gophers for the vendors.  I was alright with that.  Any extra walking, or any activity helps me fight off my pain so I was ready to move!  When we started, however, I found out that we would  be in charge of taking money at the door.  I was given directions on how to take the money:

-If the brides registered online then they got a discount, and so does the rest of their party.

-If they registered online, anyone with them in their wedding party got to put their names in for door prizes

-If they didn’t register online, then they had the normal entry fee and only the bride could put their name in for door prizes.

Not to hard……Right??  Expect in my head all I heard was “mumble mumble mumble, bride, blah blah blah, register online,yack yack yack, door prize” and then I think it just went into one of those sharp high-pitch noises that only fibro people can hear.

I was overwhelmed and the brides to be, bright-eyed and excited, came bursting through the door in a long line of women that never seemed to end.  So of course, in my over-whelmed state I figured the best way to take out my frustration was to decide this was all my husband’s fault.  It was his fault for dragging me here to help!  It was his fault my mind can’t wrap itself around the idea of making change when someone paid with more than a five! 


After about the first 50 brides, my mind finally unclouded itself a bit.  I was officially exhausted. 

I always get a kick out of the commercials for fibromyalgia medicine where they just talk about the pain.  *Poof*  They take a pill and their lives continue on as if fibro never happened.  From my experience in taking this particular medicine is that my fibro fog was actually worse.  So of course, they’re not going to mention that part.  I choose not to mention the name of this evil medicine as I’m taking the “Beetlejuice” theory on this one.  If I say it’s name too many times, it may come back to haunt me and make me dance a Banana Boat song around my dining room table!!

I think most fibromyalgia people choose not to talk about their fibro fog very much, because, to be honest, it’s really embarrassing.  In most cases, laughing it off is pretty easy, but in other instances (like when you have a new bride-to-be chomping at the bit to get at that first bite of sample wedding cake) it just gets frustrating. 

But…as with everything else with fibr… I’ll keep dealing with everything as it comes!  🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Shannon
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 14:51:43

    The banana boat dancing is the funniest mental picture I’ve gotten in a long time:)


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