That Looks Like a Torture Device!!

Tomorrow is Monday which means it’s my group Pilates day.  I love that my group is on Mondays because it gives me something to look forward to on a usually crummy day. 

I started in my group after my first round of therapy.  During my therapy I used the Pilates reformer and as I got better at it I graduated out of therapy into a group.  For those who are not familiar with a Pilates reformer, this is what it looks like….


                               This is the Pilates room where I spend my Mondays.

It’s funny seeing someone’s reaction to the equipment for the first time because everyone seems to say the same thing… that it looks like a torture device.  For some workouts, I would agree to this description, but also helps give you the best stretches!  It really helps stretch out those spots where it seems like the fibro is just “stuck.”

I’ve been using the reformer for a little under a year.  When I first started on the reformer, I could only stretch a little beyond my knees.  It has increased my flexibility more than I ever thought possible.  I can grab my toes which I can’t even remember doing in elementary school!  Plus, my body has trimmed down and shape faster than any workout I’ve done. 

Although the Pilates workouts have been SOOOOO beneficial to my fibro pain, I will admit there is one aspect of the workouts that is challenge for me…

The chair….que in scary music (I think the “Jaws” theme would fit nicely here).  You can see the chair a little in the first pic behind the tower of the reformer. 

We do an exercise called the pike on the chair.  You put your hands on the chair, then your toes on the attached , long pedal.  The more weight she adds to the pedal, the more it lifts your butt up in the air (which is the goal).  Even with the high weight, I struggle.  For the life of me, I cannot seem to do these!  We usually do  10 repetitions.  I get to about 4 or 5 and my butt slowly starts sinking back down.

I’ll never forget when my Pilates instructor was trying so hard to help me do these.  She grabbed on the back of my pants to try to help lift me up.  I think all that was accomplished was a really big wedgie.

I’ve improved on all my other workouts on the reformer, and I know this one will come in time (and probably after a few more wedgies).  You can count on a celebration blog when I get 10 full reps in!

Even with the evil chair, I look forward to every workout.  No matter how fibro sore I am on Sundays, the pain always seems calmed down a bit after my Monday workouts.  There is so much concentration involved to breathe, relax your shoulders, and scoop (which is my instructors way of telling you to pull your belly button up towards your spine) that it totally distracts you from the fibro fog and fatigue. 

Even if a reformer isn’t available to you, there are also mat Pilates classes available (which I have also done) that are beneficial!

I’ll try to keep everyone updated on my chair battles!  Happy Monday everyone!


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