Tomorrow Never Knows…

It has been a very busy fibro week!  I’m not even sure where to start…

This week my best workout buddy and I are trying a new diet suggested by a local bariatric office.  For those who I haven’t already bragged to, I’ve recently hit a 90 pound weight loss.  I have a goal that by the Zumbathon I’m attending next month that I will have reached 100 pounds off.  The Zumbathon is March 26th…the countdown begins.

I’m at the point where the weight loss now is really hard.  While my diet isn’t terrible, it definitely could use some tips, not only for the weight loss, but for my fibromyalgia.  So far the diet has been high protein and low carb.  We will add more variety as time goes on.  It was also suggested for fibro relief that I eat food that is gluten free.  This one is tricky, but it’s worth a shot.  I’ve got nothing to lose but weight and pain!

The most humorous part of the diet so far has been the water intake.  It breaks down in ounces comparable to 60 percent of your weight, but I can tell you it doesn’t mean much until you see the water bottle you’ll be drinking from.  I am supposed to drink 4 ½ to 5 of these a day…..



So far I get to 4 and get water logged, and I think I’ve had a grand tour of every bathroom in Terre Haute, Indy, Brazil and Knightsville.  My workout buddy and I have been racing for the same bathrooms at work and have had some desperate text messages to each other from the road about how we might not make it to our destination, or how inviting the woods next to the road look!

I’m on my 6th day of drinking the water and it is getting easier.  It turns into more of a habit than something you have to remember to do.  Plus, my tummy feels a little flatter in the mornings and my skin seems a little clearer. 

We have our first weigh in tomorrow night.  I’m excited to see the results so far!

There has only been one downfall to this diet for me so far, and it’s all been psychological.  When it comes down to having fibro, one of the reasons I’ve been frustrated is because I can’t do some things like everyone else.  I can’t step up and do some more challenging workouts (not yet anyway) or do much weight training/toning.  Other people don’t have the recovery time I do after a workout because my body gets fatigued so easy.  And then there are times when I’m in a crappy mood and people will start complaining about how sore they are from a workout or how hard it is and I just want to yell at them, “Oh yeah!  Try doing it with fibromyalgia you weenies!” 

This feeling “different” also showed itself a little bit when starting our diet.  My stomach has become so ridiculously sensitive to everything since I got fibro that certain foods don’t work for me.  I discovered this week that egg whites are not my friend!  Since this was something we were supposed to eat quite often I felt stuck.  Luckily I’m working with a wonderful lady at the bariatric center who gave me more options that are tummy friendly for me.  It still didn’t keep me from feeling a little down that even when I try to eat healthy the fibro acts up!

That’s the thing about fibro.  It likes to keep you confused.  Monday I had one of the hardest Pilates workouts I’ve had so far (yes we did the evil chair).  I was so proud myself for surviving it, sore abs and all I still felt really strong.  Then Tuesday I had to travel to Indianapolis for a work meeting.  *BOOM* Fibro flare from driving and sitting (even with many potty breaks due to the water).  I luckily had therapy last night with a lot of stretching, ASTYM, and deep tissue massage.  She also used kinesio tape on my back at the end of our session for my really sore areas.  I’m a little tender from the therapy today, but my pain from that little flare is much, much better!

I guess I will have to look at it from the perspective that fibro is keeping me on my toes.  No two days are ever, or will ever be, exactly the same!


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