Single, Single, Double….

I have been putting off talking about Zumba because I had no idea where to start.  I’m one hundred percent, over the top, ridiculously addicted to it!  It is the most fun I have ever had working out.  Zumba is a dance workout inspired by Latin music, but also incorporates any kind of music you can shake your butt to.  

I’ll never forget our first class.  My best workout buddy and I laughed to the point of tears. I remember wondering what the heck she had gotten me into as I tried the follow steps and sweat poured down my forehead.  I was hooked from the first class and have been a Zumba addict ever since.

I know cardio can be difficult for people with Fibro. I had been doing Zumba for about a year/year in a half before being diagnosed, so my body was already conditioned for the cardio.  If you want to try Zumba and you have fibro, I would personally recommend starting slow or with a beginners class to avoid being overly fatigued.  I remember being worried when I was first diagnosed with Fibro that the pain during Zumba would be unbearable.  For me, heating up and getting my muscles relaxed (especially in the humidity of the Zumba room) actually made me feel a lot better.  It’s the day after that can be a challenge for Fibro.  I felt very fatigued the day after my workouts when I first started back to Zumba after being diagnosed.  I had to learn what my limits where, like going 1 or 2 days instead of 3 or 4 and modifying some of the moves so it wasn’t so hard on my knees/back, etc.  No matter what, I wasn’t giving it up!  I had to feed the addiction!

There have been many benefits for my fibro from Zumba.  Of course it has helped me slim down and has helped get me into much better shape, but these things aren’t nearly as important to me as the other benefits I have gained…

Zumba has been my mental therapy.  It’s very hard to feel down or stressed out when you’re dancing and working hard. Plus, I think my best workout buddy has made it her mission to make me laugh uncontrollably through at least one song every class.  So far, her mission has been accomplished every class.  Stress triggers my fibro flares more than anything else.  I think Zumba has saved me from a few pretty horrible flares a time or two.

Zumba has also introduced me to my “guardian angel,” Yvette, and my little supportive family of other Zumba addicts that have helped me keep moving, which is so important to me in my fibro management. 

I’ve asked my workout buddy and myself many times, and we still don’t have an answer, but…

“What did we do before Zumba?”


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