Diet, more water, and close calls…

I’ve been pretty much gluten free/high protein/low carb/high water intake for almost two weeks now. My first weigh in last Friday after one week of the new diet was a 5 pound loss! Second weigh in comes tomorrow…EEEP!

I’m not going to say that I will eat like this forever, or that it’s the best diet for everyone, but I’m starting some really good habits that I’m hoping to keep up with.

Just in the two weeks I’ve noticed some changes with my fibro. I seem to be doing a lot better with the “side effects” of Fibromyalgia. I’ve had major relief from my IBS. Excluding the incident where I found out I can’t handle eggs, my stomach has been very calm. My energy level has also been much higher. My caffeine intake has been cut way down, but I don’t feel as fatigued as I did before.

The pain is still the pain (for now anyway). I had physical therapy last night, and things are getting a little easier each session. If the diet is going to affect the pain, I think it’s going to take awhile longer, but I’m willing to wait and see! Relieving the side effects is motivation enough for me!

The water is getting easier, although I think my workout buddy and I still have our moments. I did the “pee-pee dance” in front of one of my co-workers who talked a little bit longer than my bladder could handle. She let me go mid-conversation, laughing at my dance as I ran to the bathroom.

My workout buddy has also mastered the art of the “spin” in the bathroom when there is more than one button to un-do, or you’ve waited too long and you’re running out of time. I haven’t tried this system yet. With my luck, I’d probably spin too many times, get dizzy and miss when I try to sit down. I’ll stick to my “pee-pee dance.”

One of the more frustrating (but still humorous) things this week seems to be the vitamins. We are taking B-complex, a multi-vitamin, potassium, and calcium. For some reason, the calcium pill is REALLY hard to swallow. It’s big, but not that much bigger than the multi-vitamin. It just seems to stick a little too well. I spit one back out all over our kitchen counter. I skipped it that night.

My workout buddy also had an incident on her way to work with the calcium pill. Her pill also decided to stick…while she was driving on a highway. She said she’s sure the other drivers on the road thought she was crazy as she bobbed her head back and forth like a chicken and stopping every few seconds to take a big swig from a water bottle.   I’m just glad she made it to work accident free.  That would be a hard one to explain!

At least I can say this diet isn’t boring!!


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