So the past couple weeks I’ve been in a major “Fibro Funk.” I generally like to keep my blogs a little more up-beat, but I’m in a funk and I’m rolling with it. I just told a friend last night to say what’s on her mind, maybe she would feel better. I’m heeding my own advice.

It’s been raining for about 2 weeks, we’ve got another week of rain ahead of us and it feels like it’s never going to end. Even as I write this we have yet another tornado watch. We’ve had some crazy storms and I’ve had pain in places I don’t usually have pain, like my feet.

I also got to suffer through a sinus infection last week and missed my regular workouts (which always makes me a grump). I take back any complaining I did before fibro when I was sick. Getting sick now is a whole new, miserable, experience. I have a battle with myself every time I get really sick. I HAVE to rest, but when I lay down for too long everything starts to hurt from not moving. So I move around trying to loosen my neck or my hips, which does nothing but wear me out and I’m right back to laying down, and more than likely I’m also nauseated because I’m sensitive to every medicine I try to take. *sheesh*

I missed work Monday and added yet ANOTHER sick day. This is one of those areas that make me really angry (yes anger has been part of the fibro funk). I wish more people knew about fibromyalgia, and that its symptoms were taken a little more seriously. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. You either have to be down enough to need to file for disability or you work and risk the sick days. You either don’t work, or you have to explain to your boss that it’s not just coincidence you call in the same times every year because that’s when allergies attack, or that’s when the most thunderstorms roll in. You either don’t work, or you get to take the slack from your co-workers who think you’re always gone from work, or you’re ALWAYS taking sick days. Believe me, if I were going to play hooky from work it wouldn’t be a day when I couldn’t breathe from a sinus infection, couldn’t move from a thunderstorm, and couldn’t think straight because of a combination of the two.

I think I need some sunshine and a vacation….preferably both at the same time!

Before I get that lovely vacation, however, I temporarily tried to cheer myself up on my own. I went online thinking I would find some jokes to put into this blog to lighten up my grumpy writing so I googled “fibromyalgia jokes.” Holy crap, was that a mistake!!! These “jokes” are not funny to me and got me even more fibro-funked up(yep. I’m making up my own fibro words…and I just realized that kinda sounded like a bad rap song) more than I was in the first place. These are the “jokes” I ran across…

 -Why did the fibro sufferer cross the road…To get to the pain clinic on the other side.

I’m probably over-reacting to this one just a little bit because I’m already fired up, but seriously? The answer to this question couldn’t be “To get to Yoga” “To do Pilates” or “to spend a lovely afternoon with their husband” or(to be really over-dramatic) “To get to work because this fibro sufferer works really hard to make it to work every day!” Do people read this and think the only time we get off our butts is to go to the pain clinic?

*Ok. Breathe Jennifer. You’re just getting started*

Next “joke” -How many fibro sufferers does it take to get through one day? -13- 12 for two hours each, and 1 to wear all of the necessary medical equipment from the muscle strain it causes.

I know there are fibro sufferer’s out there who are bed bound, or in wheelchairs who struggle every day. I understand I’m lucky to not have a case of fibro that bad. If you are one of the sufferers who CAN only do activity for two hours a day, would you find this funny? I highly doubt it, in fact, to me it just comes across as really insulting.

When I typed in “fibromyalgia jokes” I got more sites that said “Fibromyalgia is a joke” than sites that had actual funny ha-ha jokes. It even led me to a page that said it was fibro-funnies and instead it took me to something called “People with Fibro should be shot”

Yikes! And I thought I was being over dramatic!

So I’m giving up my search and instead send many wishes and hope for understanding and a cure!


Let it B….

Friday.  We have a love/hate relationship.  It kicks off the weekend, but Friday also means weigh-in day.  While I’ve still been doing really well with the weight loss (106.5 off as of last week), I can’t help but feel like I’m going to throw up all afternoon on Fridays from nerves.  I usually weigh in right after work, so it makes for a long, nervous work day.  I would also like to add that I can’t figure out why people always bring in the best treats to work on Fridays.  Today a local company brought us donuts and bagels.  Uggg!!!  I thought I might be able to get away with just licking the cream cheese lid, but instead I just gave them the stink eye as I ate my can of tuna and protein chips. 

Even though I get nervous, weigh-in also means I can get my weekly B-Vitamin shot!

There are studies being done to try to prove a connection between B-12 deficiency and people with fibromyalgia. 

Symptoms of B-12 deficiency include (from http://www.fighting

  • Lack of energy – fatigue, anemia, shortness of breath, weakness
  • Neurological changes – numbness/tingling in hands and feet, depression, confusion, balance problems, memory loss, Alzheimer’s symptoms
  • Gastrointestional changes – Abdominal pain, decreased appetite, diarrhea, constipation
  • Immune system– Vitamin B-12 helps is necessary for normal functioning of white blood cells, helps regulate Natural-Killer T-cells, and prevents chromosome damage
  • IBS is a major cause of vitamin B-12 deficiency.

When I started my low carb/high protein diet, it was important to incorporate vitamins.  B-complex was one of the vitamins I was instructed to take.  After a few weeks of taking the vitamin form, my diet-guru also recommended the B-vitamin shot (it’s virtuously impossible to over-dose on B vitamins so the supplement and the shot are fine to take together).

The shots always seem to affect me a little differently.  The first night I felt completely normal, but went to Zumba the next morning and even after class felt like I needed to run or do another class all over again, or do whatever might burn the energy I had shooting through me.   The next week I had one and I couldn’t stop talking for a few hours after.  As the weeks have gone on, I seem to be getting used to the extra boost of energy, without acting quite as nutty.  I’ve also noticed it’s seemed to help me fight off a few colds I’ve been getting. 

Benefits of B-Vitamins include (from

  • converting food to energy (my diet guru said this was very beneficial to my weight loss)
  • forming healthy red blood cells
  • reducing the risk of heart disease (I need all the help I can get, we have a lot of heart problems in my family)
  • reduce or even eliminate PMS symptoms (I’m still waiting for it to work on this one…nuff said).
  • reduce or eliminate anemia          
  • Minimize and even eliminates depression (It definitely pulls you out of a funky mood).
  • preventing birth defects

The shots only cost $10.00 a week, and for me, it’s well worth the money!

Today’s Forecast: Foggy with a chance of saying something really stupid…


I’m feeling very foggy today.  It’s making me think of some the fibro moments I’ve had since I’ve been diagnosed.  I’ve had some memorable ones!

Some of my favorite foggy moments:

-I was on a new round of medicine, and of course, the side effects were killing me.  I was really nauseated and had a terrible stomach ache.  I ran to the grocery store to get some milk that would hopefully calm my stomach.  Pulled out my debit card when I got the cashier to pay, but remembered I had had CASH…but told the cashier I had GAS. 

-A recent telephone conversation with my sister was a disaster when multiple times I was trying to talk about my husband, but kept calling him her husband’s name.  (I’ve also tried to talk about my brother’s girlfriend, but kept saying my husband’s girlfriend…ugg).  This same night I also drove to zumba with my friend and after class started to get into the passenger side of the car instead of the driver’s side.  I apparently forgot I drove. 

-Walked out of my bedroom one night and had completely forgotten a shirt.  Thank goodness we didn’t have company!

-Made a batch of chili and couldn’t remember if I had already added the minced garlic.  Added some more.  Forgot again.  Added a little more just in case.  We probably could have just sucked on a garlic glove and had the same flavor as that batch of chili. 

-The other day I said I couldn’t believe it was raining….it was 65 and sunny.  Don’t know where I was going with that one.

-Things that are hot I say cold and vice versa.  I also told my husband he could go ahead and wash some shirts when I meant dry.  He was pretty irritated because he had just finished washing them.

-I write myself notes all the time so I don’t forget to do things, but then I forget where I put the notes.

-I can blame anything stupid I do on fibro…whether I honestly think it’s fog or not 😉

-One of my favorite parts of the fibro fog is everyone around me blames me for their forgetful moments.  Everyone who hangs out with me on a regular basis is convinced I’m contagious. 

– I was having a conversation with some friends last night and we were talking about college.  I started thinking about my degree….English and Communications…ironic.   Thank goodness the fibro didn’t kick in until after my public speaking courses!!

– I’d probably have more examples if I could remember them 😉