Today’s Forecast: Foggy with a chance of saying something really stupid…


I’m feeling very foggy today.  It’s making me think of some the fibro moments I’ve had since I’ve been diagnosed.  I’ve had some memorable ones!

Some of my favorite foggy moments:

-I was on a new round of medicine, and of course, the side effects were killing me.  I was really nauseated and had a terrible stomach ache.  I ran to the grocery store to get some milk that would hopefully calm my stomach.  Pulled out my debit card when I got the cashier to pay, but remembered I had had CASH…but told the cashier I had GAS. 

-A recent telephone conversation with my sister was a disaster when multiple times I was trying to talk about my husband, but kept calling him her husband’s name.  (I’ve also tried to talk about my brother’s girlfriend, but kept saying my husband’s girlfriend…ugg).  This same night I also drove to zumba with my friend and after class started to get into the passenger side of the car instead of the driver’s side.  I apparently forgot I drove. 

-Walked out of my bedroom one night and had completely forgotten a shirt.  Thank goodness we didn’t have company!

-Made a batch of chili and couldn’t remember if I had already added the minced garlic.  Added some more.  Forgot again.  Added a little more just in case.  We probably could have just sucked on a garlic glove and had the same flavor as that batch of chili. 

-The other day I said I couldn’t believe it was raining….it was 65 and sunny.  Don’t know where I was going with that one.

-Things that are hot I say cold and vice versa.  I also told my husband he could go ahead and wash some shirts when I meant dry.  He was pretty irritated because he had just finished washing them.

-I write myself notes all the time so I don’t forget to do things, but then I forget where I put the notes.

-I can blame anything stupid I do on fibro…whether I honestly think it’s fog or not 😉

-One of my favorite parts of the fibro fog is everyone around me blames me for their forgetful moments.  Everyone who hangs out with me on a regular basis is convinced I’m contagious. 

– I was having a conversation with some friends last night and we were talking about college.  I started thinking about my degree….English and Communications…ironic.   Thank goodness the fibro didn’t kick in until after my public speaking courses!!

– I’d probably have more examples if I could remember them 😉


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