Storm Chaser…



Storm Chaser

In February, the storms rolled in

 Thunder in my back

Hail beating down my spine

Lightning in my eyes.


And the storms never went away.

Even the sun was blocked by Fog

And its warmth couldn’t melt the ice that cracked my hands,

Or the snow that piled so heavy my shoulders caved in.

Get inside! Stay away from windows, stay away from doors!

Cover your head with your hands,

And move to your lowest….level.




Until I walked out the door

Until I twirled and twisted with the tornados

And danced in the glow of lightning strikes

Until I made angels in the snow

And rolled like a ball in the waves from a hurricane.




Photos for Fibro…



I reached out to my  family and friends for National Fibromyalgia Awareness day!  I asked everyone to take a picture of themselves/their pets/kids, etc. in purple to support Fibro awareness.

I am so excited about all the pictures that were sent to me!  I spent a lot of my day to explaining fibro to people who really weren’t sure what it is or what it’s like.  I hope I helped answer a lot of questions people have about fibro, like what the pain is like, what the side effects are and what I do to treat it.  I feel like I got to contribute to the national awareness day and it felt great!

A very, very special thank you to everyone who sent me a picture.  It meant so much to me…











It’s our day!

Happy Fibromyalgia Awareness Day!  I hope everyone has a pain free/Fog free day and let’s help get some awareness out there!

“Do NOT Wear on a Flare”

“It’s like champagne or high heels…one must be prepared to suffer for it.”
This past weekend I went out to eat sushi with some of my Zumba friends. Not only was the sushi YUM-MY and the cocktails delicious, but it was also very entertaining.

Using chopsticks always comes with a bit of challenge when you haven’t used them in a while. My best workout buddy and I had no idea how to eat the soy beans and put the whole pod in our mouths, unaware you’re just supposed to eat the seeds out of the pods…it was a bit hard to chew. It was also hard to look like you “meant to do that” while you’re digging in your mouth trying to get the pod strings out from between your teeth. We also got to try Japanese Ice cream, which is surrounded by a little icy shell, and that came with its own challenge and confusion. I love trying new foods and I’m so glad our friend made us try the new dishes, plus they gave us reasons to laugh, which we did a lot of.

It was also nice to see everyone out of their sweaty Zumba clothes, but it got me thinking about my fibro. One of our friends wore some killer high heels. They were SUPER high and SUPER cute, and the whole time I looked at them all I could think of is how they would KILL my fibro.  Then I started getting a little grumpy about them (apparently my grumpiness from last week wasn’t quite done) and started thinking about how my fibro has changed my clothing options and how I am sacrificing some cuteness for fibromyalgia.

I know, I know!  There should be bigger things to be upset about with fibro, but the truth is, you do have to change some things about your clothes/shoes, especially during flare, and they’re not always the “cutest” option. 

About every two weeks when I’m feeling good I decide I’m going to wear heels to work (magically forgetting what happened the last time I wore them). I have swelling problems in my feet that I always seem to forget about (I’ll blame the fog, although I think that’s just me being dingy) and right around noon my shoes start to cut in when my feet start to swell. Then by the end of the day my feet, ankles, hips and back hurt. And usually my back hurts for the next few days. It’s stupid! I know! But flats are just not the same, and wearing socks with heels to prevent the shoes from cutting in doesn’t exactly scream sexy.

I  have a major shoe addiction and being restricted on what I can buy is SO frustrating (although I’m sure my husband is a little relieved to be able to claim a little of the close floor).  Shoes were always a comfort for me before I lost my weight.  No matter how many times the shirts and pants didn’t fit, the shoes ALWAYS fit.  My old friend is turning agaisn’t me.

I also started to notice how I change my clothing options during a flare. Anything with a collar is out. Since I carry a lot of my pain in my neck, collars seem to just irritate it even more, so I forgo anything with a collar during a flare. I also figured out wool or any material that carries a lot of static cling are on the “Do not wear on a flare” list.

Pretty soon I think I’m also going to have to look into some softer bras or ones without  an under-wire.  On bad days it feels like my ribs are being crushed.  I’ve looked into “fibro friendly” bras, but they don’t look very supportive and I don’t have a small chest.  Any fibro sufferers have any suggestions out there?  I know people say sports bras, but they give me the uni-boob look so I save those for working out.

Ahh..the trials and tribulations of Fibro.  I’m going to rock my flats and soft clothes the best I can, and I’m sure I’m going to “accidentally” wear heels again, but I’ll save the “killer” heels for my friend.