Beware of Flying Cakes…

There are many reasons I am thankful my husband is so patient with my fibromyalgia.  Just this week he sat and rubbed bio-freeze on my shoulders while I cried through a flare I wasn’t expecting.  He’s always patient with the pain, the fog, everything that comes along with having fibro.

Thank God he helps me in one other area…cooking!

I can’t cook.  I don’t get it, and to be honest there is nothing about it that I really enjoy.  I may be using fibromyalgia as an excuse, but sometimes I think my fog gets in the way of me really being able to do it well.  When I try to read a recipe my fog takes over and the directions start to swim all over the page.  My anxiety gets the best of me and I always worry that the meat hasn’t cooked long enough or I figure it’s not going to be good and just give up half way through a meal. 

Ok, Ok, even before the fibro I had trouble with cooking.  In fact, the one time I did bake my hubby a birthday cake I ended up dropping it on the floor.  It was a mad dash between me and two hungry dogs I was trying to protect from munching up chocolate cake that flew all over the kitchen floor.

Flying cakes aside, it has been even harder since the fibro.  I know it’s because I can’t seem to follow directions to save my life.  I know when i read directions, or if someone is reading directions to me, my eyes and mind glaze over.  In my head I’m screaming at myself “PAY ATTENTION, STUPID!”  But no matter how hard I try to concentrate, I just can’t seem to do it.  I think it’s one of the reasons I love Zumba so much.  There are a lot of steps to remember, but for some reason with muscle memory and the music, I always seem to remember.  Maybe I should trying cooking along with some Zumba songs and see what happens!  Of course, I could get over-excited by the music and there would be more food flying!

Needless to say, the hubby has graciously accepted the responsibility of cooking dinner almost every night.  It’s been especially great since I started to watch my diet.  Eating right does not allow for “easy” meals.  Processed foods are pretty much completely out of our diets.  We went from Fish sticks to fresh fish, frozen stir fry kits loaded with cheese to making our own with fresh veggies and low sodium soy sauce.  I have to admit, everything has tasted so much better and I have had almost 100 percent relief from IBS.  I’m so glad my hubby embraced the food changes and took over the kitchen!  Don’t know what I’d do without him!


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