Getting Away…

My hubby and I are finishing up the last few days of a nice long, much needed, vacation.  We spent a few days at the lake and have spent the last portion at home.  I’m very grateful for having the energy and ability to do everything we have done, even with fibro.  I survived a five mile hike through the trails at Turkey Run.  It was supposed to be three miles, but we got a little mixed up and ended up doing a portion of three different trails.    We also did a six mile canoe trip, which I also thought was supposed to be three miles.  I think my fog had me stuck on three miles when I was planning things to do on our vacation.

I do admit, there was one thing we did that made me sore.  Of all the things we did, fishing killed my arm.  I think I get a little over-excited when I’m casting.  All the working out I do and fishing ends up making me sore…*sheesh*  I did catch the biggest fish (out of the two we caught..hehe) so I suppose it was worth being a little sore.  I’ve also decided true love is when you take your wife fishing, she catches a fish bigger than yours, but you’re still willing to take the wiggly thing off the hook for her.  My hubby also seriously asked me if I was going to clean the fish I caught so we could have it for supper…needless to say, my fish is back happily swimming in Raccoon Lake. 

We spent one evening sitting out on the dock fishing for a few hours and I got a taste of how bad my vertigo has gotten since being diagnosed with fibro.  After sitting on the dock, I jumped in the shower and the whole shower started to rock back and forth, back and forth, up and down, up and down.  I had to grab the shower wall until I could steady my legs.  At least I know now that I will not invest in a cruise for any upcoming vacations.  I’m also not sure that any theme park rides will be in my future.  But, knowing me and me not wanting to be left out of anything, I’ll probably attempt one in the future anyway.  I may fall on my face, but at least I tried.

The fibro gods were looking out for me this week and its behaved pretty well.  The week before we left, I had one of the worst flares I have had in months.  I decided to start my vacation, day one, with a physical therapy session for a treatment.  It was a nice way to kick off the vacation by getting rid of some of the pain so I could enjoy my week.

Back to work on Tuesday…boo.


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