fibro fix??



Every once in awhile I google fibromyalgia with various words just to see what will pop up.  Fibromyalgia + art.  Fibromyalgia + Treatment.  Fibromyalgia + Drugs…you get the idea.

Well I decided that today I would google Fibromyalgia + scams and something interesting did pop up.  It gave me a link to a page for “FibroFix.”  The link took me to a web site that was offering teleconferences which will advise fibro patients on how to manage their symptoms and through step by step systems that they guarantee to work.  From what I could dig up on this link,, is that “FibroFix” seems to be a series of mental life-balancing therapy, diet suggestions, info on your immune system and life style changes.  All for the low-low price of $197.00 for early registration or $247.00 for late (I’ll get to how I feel about them charging for this a little later).

So I wandered off this page and googled reviews on the “FibroFix” program.  That’s when I really got to see the details of this program.  The first thing that pulled up in reviews is that people say that the individuals who run the program are not actual medical professionals.  In fact, I found quite a few people who stated one person in particular is being investigated by the AMA.  I also got to see some of the treatments and diet suggestions people followed while they were on the “Fibrofix” program.

Some testing included testing PH levels in salvia.  From what I could grasp, it had something to do with measuring acidity, which seems to be a HUGE concern for the program.  They have you cut out ANY food they might think has acid, as well as also regularly taking antacids or Tums and following a Guaifenesin Protocol treatment which involved taking a over the counter medication like Mucinex and the procedure does not sound pleasant.  Read about it more through this link, it sounds more like torture than relief: 

The first obvious concern with all of this is whether the people that run this program are actual doctors.  Who would you turn to if you have an allergic reaction to all the new medicine they want you take (over the counter or not).  How do they monitor your diet if they change it so dramatically and how would they know if you’re having any vitamin deficiencies?  They state you can have (i.e. pay for) one on one phone sessions with the makers of the program and go over any questions or concerns you may have.  Can they order you blood work? Can they talk to the E.R. if you end up there from a violent reaction from taking too many stomach meds at the same time?  How does this all work exactly?

The people that made this program obviously aren’t fibromyalgia advocates.  If they found the “answer” to fibromyalgia pain and symptoms then why are they charging for it?  Real fibromyalgia advocates would be shouting that answer on the rooftops knowing they just helped someone, not for the money, but for a pain free/symptom free life of that fibro patient.  I also noticed as I scanned through links that “Fibrofix” would comment on Fibromyalgia Blogs, Yahoo questions, chat boards, etc. that mention fibromyalgia around the web.  If you’re program is really that great, you don’t need to stalk fibromyalgia patients on the web.

It’s sad to me that there are probably a lot of fibro patients that have paid for this program.  There are so few answers we turn to whatever we think may help, and unfortunately, there are programs out there like “Fibrofix” that are taking advantage of our frustration, exhaustion, and lack of answers.


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  1. embrace72
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 23:46:56

    haha. I love that you wrote “you don’t need to stalk fibromyalgia patients on the web.” That is so scary that there are people out there like that. It is so dangerous and just down right mean. I do not know how someone could do that, and sometimes people are so desperate to find relief from the pain. I am sure that there are people how have paid for it. How sad.
    Thanks for the warning!!


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