Apples and Fibromyalgia

Since it seems to be such a hot topic I am going to weigh in (no pun intended) on the announcement that McDonald’s is changing their Happy Meals.  They are adding apple slices to every Happy Meal and adding a smaller french fry order to each box. 

There seem to be many mixed emotions about this change.  I thought a higher percentage of people would embrace the change for healthier options for kids, but from what I’m gathering, a lot of people think the change is taking away a piece of history, taking away a individual’s right to make their own food choices, or when it comes down to it, taking away a piece of their childhood memories. 

Don’t get me wrong…I also have many childhood memories of Happy Meals.  I remember playing with the toys with my sister.  I remember the Disney character toys being my favorite (my second favorite were the pumpkin plastic buckets for Halloween).  I remember when McDonald’s forgot a fry order in one of our two boxes and my sister split her french fry order between the two of us. “One for you…One for me…One for you…One for me…”  But the sad fact is I also don’t remember childhood obesity being such a concern when I was younger. 

For some people McDonald’s is an “every once in awhile” treat, but for others, it’s a multiple time a week trip.  It’s fast, it’s cheap and it tastes good.  I totally understand why people take advantage of that convenience, but I also know how scary it was being 265 pounds from choosing to make the “convenient” choice too many times.  I didn’t become obese until adulthood, but I can imagine it feels just as bad for children as it does adults.


As of today I have lost 118 pounds of the 265 pounds.  I have felt much better since losing.  I have more energy, sleep better and am able to be more active which all contribute to helping manage my fibro pain.  After learning more and more about fibromyalgia I was sad to read that there is a strong connection between obesity and fibromyalgia.  Some studies are saying that being obese may increase the possibility of you ending up with fibro.  And if you’re obese with fibromyalgia, your symptoms could become more severe.  There are so many reasons I am disappointed in myself for ever gaining so much weight, but knowing that weight may have helped trigger my fibromyalgia to surface is a terrible thought.

I know being overweight isn’t the only thing that can trigger fibro.  I know many individuals at normal weights that are diagnosed, but being overweight is a common fibromyalgia trait.  You’re depressed, you hurt, the drugs cause weight gain…who can blame us?  That also doesn’t mean we can’t be proactive to fight those things working against us that are causing the weight gain in the first place. As for our children, not one person with fibromyalgia would wish this pain on to their children.  If there is a chance, no matter how small it may be, that keeping obesity away may keep that pain away I say we should do everything we can make healthy food choices. 

A big part of my weight loss was making little changes like trading my fries or chips for fruits and veggies.  I also have fruit as my dessert many times and think having the apples in the Happy Meals may present that as a dessert option instead of a McFlurry or apple pie.

Have I completely given up eating at McDonald’s for the rest of my life?  No way.  Will I only eat there every once in awhile and eat in moderation?  Yes.  I’m no expert in weight loss and I’ve had a lot of help from those who do know their stuff, but I still think making small little changes like McDonald’s has made may have a larger impact in the long run.

When it comes down to it anyway…is it a few extra fries the kids want, or is it the toy?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. davidisfat
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 21:11:32

    Very nice post, and congratulations on taking control of your life.

    Warmest regards,


  2. Cheri Cuevas
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 17:38:12

    Congrads on all your hard work. I can relate to you and your pain becuase I share syndrome. I have learned alot from you and love reading your posts. Your Mother sent me your blog when she found out I suffer from fibro. also. Your Mother is a wonderful woman and great to talk to. We both like the Yankees and work together on the same floor.

    Looking forward to your next post.


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