I’m pretty sure I may live in the worse possible area, weather wise, for fibromyalgia. Our weather keeps switching from a nice low 80’s to super-hot, melt you alive, temperatures with 100% humidity…and then of course it decides to rain.

 My fibro flares are going up and down right along with the weather, not just day to day, but it’s even switching throughout the day as the temps are dropping in the evening.

I’m ready for fall. I know it means more rain, but at least we may have some steadier temps.

When I have this many mini flares off and on I have major sleep problems. I can’t sleep, I sleep too much, I wake up in the middle of the night wide awake, or my main problem right now is that no matter how much I’m sleeping I don’t feel rested. I wake up every morning feeling down-right exhausted.

Sleep problems are very common with fibromyalgia (around 75% of us!). In fact, some research is attempting to prove that sleep disturbances are not side effect of fibromyalgia, but rather Fibromyalgia is a side effect of sleep problems. It’s said that people with fibromyalgia never get into the “deep” sleep cycle, or don’t stay in deep sleep long enough (www.health.com).

No matter the reason, the fact of the matter is that the lack of “good” sleep is making me nuts. So…the million-dollar question…. What do you do about it?? These are some tips from www.webmd.com.

“Sleep only as much as needed to feel refreshed and healthy the following day, not more. Curtailing the time in bed seems to solidify sleep. Excessively long times in bed seem related to fragmented and shallow sleep.”

– Huh? This makes it sound like I should run into bed as quickly as possible right at 10:00 p.m. and jump right back out at exactly 6:00 a.m. I don’t know about anyone else but the pressure of knowing I HAVE to sleep during these hours will only make it harder for me. Plus, I haven’t felt “refreshed” in a long time, no matter if I sleep 4 hours or 12. I don’t know that I will ever find the perfect sleep hours for me.

“Keep a sleep diary. Write down how you slept each night and triggers that may have interfered with your sleep. Reviewing your notes over several weeks may give you insight into your sleep problems.”

– Ok, this really isn’t that bad of an idea…as long as fibro fog doesn’t get in your way. I walked downstairs at work today for a ream of paper and by the time I had taken the short walk I had no idea why I went down there in the first place. I ate a starburst, talked with my friend, grabbed a straw for my muscle milk. Twenty minutes later I remembered the paper. As far as the sleep diary, I’m not sure I would remember my “triggers”

“Have a regular time to wake up each morning. A regular arousal time helps strengthen circadian cycling and leads to regular times of sleep onset.””

– This is very true. As much as I like to sleep in, I know the days I do I will have more trouble trying to get to sleep that night.

“Use relaxation therapies. A gentle massage, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques are all potentially beneficial to managing fibromyalgia and boosting restful sleep.”

– This is why I love pilates and my physical therapy sessions so much. It does both of these. In fact, I always sleep like a baby the night after a physical therapy session.

“Exercise regularly (but avoid exercising three hours before bedtime). Exercise may exert its beneficial effect by promoting better-quality sleep. ”


“Sound-attenuated bedrooms may help those who must sleep close to noise. Occasional loud noises — for example, aircraft flyovers — disturb sleep even in people who are not awakened and cannot remember them in the morning. ”

-Not an easy fix for anyone who owns a pet. Between a snoring dog and a cat who likes to have choir practice in the middle of the night, I’m stuck with some night time noises.

“Avoid long daytime naps. Extensive napping can interfere with nighttime sleep.”

 – This is very, very true. I hate napping. If I nap, I stay up all night long. It’s a miserable feeling. Knowing how good a nap would feel at the moment, but also knowing how miserable you are going to be later if you take one now. I only nap in pure desperation of being completely exhausted or if I’m sick.

“Keep the temperature in your room cool. An excessively warm room disturbs sleep.”

 – This really stinks when you have to get out of bed the next morning and the coolness in the room makes your stiffness worse.

“Hunger may disturb sleep; a light snack of carbohydrates may help sleep.”

 – We are late supper-eaters. We don’t generally eat supper until 8:30- 9:00 so I’m not sure this tip works for me, but I would bet it might help others.

“Enjoy a soothing (warm) bath in the evening.”

 – I suppose my rush home, hurry up and wash the Zumba or Pilates off of me shower doesn’t count as “soothing” as this tip suggests.

“Do yoga and stretching exercises to relax.”

 – Or Pilates 🙂

“Listen to calming music.”

 – Hah! I’m not sure the Zumba music I listen to in the evening is very “calming”

“Meditate to tame intrusive thoughts and tension.”

 – I’ve never been very good at Meditation. I can never turn off my mind. I think that’s one of the reasons I love pilates so much. It’s my little personal time of meditation because I’m not thinking of anything but Pilates. “Inhale. Exhale. One, two, three. Oh my good will we ever get to ten? What do you mean ten more?? Don’t fart, don’t fart. Inhale. Exhale.”

“Sleep in a darkened room. Try an eye mask if necessary.”

 – Check


Ok. So I do see a few things on this list I can definately try or change in my evening routine to hopefully help me sleep better.

Wish me luck and good night and sweet dreams to all!


You’ve got to be kidding….

Well.  I told everyone that if what I was going through was at all related to fibromyalgia that you would be the first to know…

It was actually ALL related to fibromyalgia, because all it seems to have been was a bad flare.

They believe the blood test was a lab error, since the second blood test they ran came back normal.  They are repeating the test in a week to be sure, but have cancelled my appointment with the kidney doctor and life is moving on.

I would love to say I’m just happy-go-lucky finding out the good new (don’t get me wrong, I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief), but I also want to find the lab tech that got this wrong. grab them by the face and scream at them for the hell they just put me through for the last week!!!

Uggg…Zumbathon here I come tomorrow…Kidney’s intact!



Time to fight…

I have decided it would be best to delete my previous post about chest pain.  I don’t want anyone to ignore it if they have it going on. 

I did end that blog by saying that I am worried with having fibromyalgia that I will ignore symptoms I’m having because I assume they are fibro related when they are, in fact, something more serious.

Something more serious has decided to pop up.

Sunday afternoon I started to not feel great.  Really tired, headache, nothing REALLY out of the ordinary with everyday fibro symptoms, but I knew I just felt “off.” 

Monday I made an appointment with my family doctor just to get checked out.  I almost cancelled the appointment because I didn’t want to lose time at work.  Thank goodness my husband talked me into keeping it.

My doctor ran some blood work and by the next day I got the phone call that something came up.  Something showed up in my Kidney function.  The next day I had to do more blood work and give a urine sample, and by today my Kidney’s were scheduled for an ultrasound with a diagnosis of acute renal failure.

I know very little at this point as far as what is causing it, or what I will have in store as far as treatment.  I am scheduled with a kidney doctor next Thursday and will find out more.  I know I should have paid more attention to some problems I’ve been having but, once again, I wrote them off to fibro.  The chest pain, obviously, bruising too easily, more headaches, etc.

As someone with Fibromyalgia there is a worry in the back of my mind that the pain medicine I have been taking/have taken has caused damage.  While I don’t know this for sure, I am struggling with a little guilt.  I’ve never abused pain killers, and actually take a lot less than a lot of fibro patients I know, but you never know how much it really takes to do damage.

At this point I am really curious if this is at all related to my fibromyalgia or something else.

We’re in the “waiting for answers” stage and it’s awful.  I’m feeling a lot of stress from this which is, of course, causing more fibro pain than usual but I’m too afraid to take anything for pain.

I’m taking a little rest from working out, although my doctor has told me I can continue my usual schedule, and that exercise is good for Kidney disease.  I went to Zumba Tuesday and it felt horrible.  I felt too tired and realized, as much as it kills me, that I needed a few days off.

They say people with Kidney problems show no symptoms and a lot of people don’t even know they’re having problems.  Everyone seems shocked I’m having this problem and I don’t need to be lying in a hospital bed and to be honest, I would assume the same thing if someone told me they were having acute renal failure.  I had no idea this is what it entailed. 

From what I’ve researched, and from the brains I’ve picked from the nurses at work, I can get this problem under control.  Hopefully a few diet changes or medication changes will resolve any problems I’m having.  Right now, however, my biggest problem is feeling depressed, stressed out, worried, in extra pain and not feeling like myself.  I’m trying to stay strong and positive; as I get more answers I know I’ll start to feel a little better.  I haven’t cowered away from any health battles so far, and I’m not going into this one without a fight.

If this is at all related to fibromyalgia, I’ll be screaming it from the roof tops in hopes that more can be understood about fibromyalgia problems.  My little fibro blogging family will be first to know!