Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood…

I knocked on wood last week as I was saying I am going to try to naturally manage my fibromyalgia, and try to get off my muscle relaxer.  Maybe I should have gone outside and beat on a tree instead of knocking my knuckles on the table.  So far, I have been tested since I “announced” my plans.

The day after I decided to be “drug free” I got sick.  Again.  I have had more trouble this year with sinuses, colds and my stupid right ear (who is apparently mad at me).  If you have fibro, you already know, when you don’t feel good, the symptoms seem to get worse.  You need to rest, which leads to sore backs, legs…well….sore everything, really.  I missed one day of work and tried to get up and walk about every two hours I was so afraid to get too stiff. 

When I started to recover, the gym had an open house that included a two hour Zumba event.  No cold was going to keep me from this!!! I was like kid at Christmas, so excited I couldn’t stand it.  The whole day was a blast and I think it actually helped me snap out of any fibro funk I was experiencing.


Did I brave the whole week with no drugs and get through without a hitch??


Not exactly.

I can gladly say I didn’t have my muscle relaxer, but I did have to have some help for a few nights from Tylenol P.M.  I had been using my muscle relaxer to help me sleep and that became really obvious when I didn’t take it and stared at the bedroom ceiling for hours, not sleeping. 

So have there been benefits? 


For the first time in a long time I actually feel awake when I get up in the morning.  I don’t feel drunk for the first few hours of my day.  I feel like I have gotten back a few hours of my life everyday instead in spending it in a daze.

My physical therapist also suggested it be a good idea to have a weekly session, just for a little while.  She actually suggested this before reading my blog about wanting to go off my muscle relaxer.  Sometimes I think she’s sensitive or physic to my pain problems, it gets a little eerie sometimes.  She couldn’t have had better timing.  I’ve had two sessions so far (estym, ASTYM, massage) and am feeling some relief in my neck and shoulders.  Anything natural works for me!!

The journey continues and I’m just going to take it one day at a time.



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