“Fibro Survival Kit”

As I get to talk with more and more people who suffer from fibro, it’s interesting to see how we all get through our days.  Different exercises we do, changing our diets, etc.  I’ve also come to realize we are all very particular about items we have to have to “survive.”


Drum roll please…

The following is a list of items I have in my “Fibro Survival Kit” that help get me through my days…

  • Water Bottle.  I always have one with me.  I started drinking more water for my weight loss, but I do notice I have less energy and motivation when I don’t drink enough.  Plus the extra bathroom trips don’t hurt to keep me from getting stiff from sitting too long at my desk at work.
  • TWO pillows!  I have to have two.  One for my head and one to lean against.  Anything that helps sleep come easier is good for me, although I think I’m giving my husband a complex sticking a pillow in between us every night. 
  • Aleve and Tylenol P.M.  Although I don’t use them every day, they have become a necessity.  Aleve has been the ONLY thing that kicks my migraines and Tylenol P.M. comes in when the pillows don’t work.  Since I’m still doing well not taking anything else for pain, I feel o.k. taking these every once in awhile. 
  • Foam Roller.  For those of you who haven’t used one, I highly suggest trying one.  My physical therapist introduced me to the foam roller and sent me home with some instructions to use one at home.  Pretty much anything you want to use it for you can.  Back, Legs, Shoulders, arms, etc.  If you want to learn some stretches and exercises www.rollrelease.com has some great pictures and videos to learn more.  I will fair-warn you.  It’s one of those “hurts so good” items.  I’ve yelled my way through many rolls.
  • Bio-Freeze.  I tried Icy hot once and wanted to cry.  The icy was good, but the hot made me want to scratch my skin off.  Bio-Freeze is a little less intense.  I will also give a warning here, however, that if you use it on your upper body, and take a shower too soon after, you WILL have it run into places bio-freeze should NOT go!  You’ve been warned.
  • B-Vitamins.  HELLO ENERGY!
  • Heating Pad.  I usually prefer a hot bath, but there are some days when taking 2 or 3 hot baths seems excessive.
  • My little space heater under my desk at work.  My office is freezing and my co-workers are always hot.  I had ONE day already this year where I thought my fingers where going to fall off as I typed because they were so cold.  Now I have my own little hand warmer if I need it.  Best $10.00 ever spent.
  • Pajama pants and cozy sweatshirts.  I’ve mentioned it before, but some days clothes just hurt. 
  • My I-Pod.  If I’m feeling over-whelmed or can’t concentrate, music always seems to help.
  • Post-It notes, note pads, scrap paper, calendars, etc.  Anything where I can write down when I’m supposed to do what, and when to try to avoid fibro fog moments. 
  • Arthritis insoles for my Zumba shoes.  They make me feel about a hundred years old, but have helped my hips and knees more than I’d like to admit at 30 years old.

So…what’s in your fibro survival kit?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Margo
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 13:39:17

    Almost everything you mentioned and…
    Thermacare heat pads
    Massage chair
    Yoga mat

    I’ve never tried foam rollers but I am totally looking them up!


  2. Bekah
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 02:02:00

    Great list… Thanks!


  3. Gwen
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 08:54:55

    Water!!! Never go anywhere without it! Oh and a trick I learned…if I eat while driving I won’t fall asleep…(don’t worry it doesn’t happen too often) just in case I keep nuts and twizzlers around). Omega 3’s, Tigerbalm but will be trying Bio Freeze now, I keep a travel pillow in my desk and when the kids aren’t in the room (I teach art K-5) I sneak a nap if Im having a migraine or just excessively tired. Melatonin. Two pillows as well…we just bought a Tempur-Pedic after 5 years of thinking about it…get doctor to write that you need it for medical reasons and get it tax free! Only had the bed a little over a month…took a few WEEKS for me to get used to it but I love it now. Started taking Rhodiola and I think it may actually be boosting my mood, not as irritable on days I remember to take it. Oh and I want the new iPhone so I can speak my reminders!!! My iPhone is my brain keeper…especially the calendar and alarm!


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