Thank you Wal-Mart…



Dear Wal-Mart,

Thank you.


Yes.  You’re reading that correctly.  For those of you who have braved Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon, I’m sure you think I’m crazy for my “Thank you”, but I do actually have a reason to love the mega store today.

Is it the roll-back items, price matching and “everyday low prices” they advertise? 

No.  Not really.

Is it the cashier who insists on bagging my leaky chicken with my fresh produce? 

No.  Definitely not.

Is it the inevitable group of Girl Scouts, Softball, Soccer, or any other group from a fundraiser who chase you in to the store, and back out of the store for your loose change? 

No way. 

Is it the endless “People of Wal-Mart” pictures you can find online ( )? 

Ummm…yes… a little bit.   Who can resist a giggle at pictures like this?  (Yes…this is from Indiana ladies and gentlemen).

Actually I want to thank Wally World for putting out the generic, “Wal-mart version” of Zyrtec. 


Up to this point, any allergy medication I’ve tried has left me with a nasty migraine the day after I take it.  After many headaches and skin problems, an allergy pill has been recommended by most of my doctors, but due to the headaches, I’ve never stuck with any.   This has been the only pill that has not given me a headache or made me feel hung over after taking it.  It has also helped with my sinus problems and my skin has been looking better (on a side note…did you know that 70% of fibro patients have skin issues?). 

The greatest benefit I’ve seen from this pill?  Sleep!!  I take my pill right before bed and have been sleeping through the night. I fall asleep fast and sleep deep.  I don’t know if this sleepy affect will last the longer I take the medicine, but I sure hope so.  I’ll take any sleep I can get…even if it’s only temporary.


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