Fibromyalgia Awareness Video Contest

I am entering a Fibromyalgia Video contest.  To get me points to win, please “like” it here, or you can like it at the follow Facebook address: (you may have to scroll through posts to find mine).  Please note…likes on the actual Youtube video don’t count. 

Thanks for your “like” vote 😉

Sorry…my system won’t allow me to put the actual video on here.  So…click the link to take you to youtube.  Watch it.  Come back here and like it or go to facebook and like it 🙂   (please note:  if you are not a WordPress member, you’ll have to go to facebook.)





3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Suzanne Uffalussy-Thompson
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 20:01:49

    I was CRYING through most of your video!!!! “Singing my life with your words” is what you did. YOU DEFINITELY HAVE MY VOTE!!!! Didn’t want to make the post on there too long so I will write some more details here. My Mom, My Sister and I all have Fibro. We have all dealt with it in different ways. I have had it since 14 and it recently dropped its bomb on me in my 30’s so I just kept on moving! I still work on my feet in a kitchen at a fast pace, I am a dancer as well 🙂 I also Practice Muay Thai Kick Boxing to help with range of motion and mental focus. My mom has a job to where she sits but does her exercises and takes care of herself by eating well, PT, and supplements. My sister…..I think she has given up and just moved to painkillers to drown it out (Makes me sad but, I cannot make her do what she doesn’t want to). I say “GO GO GO!!!!!!!” And YOU GO GIRL!


  2. nursejello
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 23:45:46

    Hi, I just found your blog (and watched and commented on your YT vid). I have fibro too. I’m 23, have had fibro since I was 17. I am a new grad RN, still in orientation at my new job, and recently married. Reading your blog is like reading about my life. I teared up when I read your post about a flare-up (yours sound worse than mine) and your husband’s desire to “fix it”, mine is wonderfully supportive and frustrated by feeling helpless to fix me. For me, nursing keeps me on my feet with lots of walking and I try to do pilates, though I’ve had no motivation lately. I’m amazed that you lost 120 lbs and do zumba! Personally weight is not an issue, I’m naturally slender, but then I feel that I don’t have the motivation for regular exercise that losing or maintaining weight gives others. As for other symptoms, unfortunately, fibro fog can be dangerous at my job, which frustrates and scares me. I never seem to sleep well, and wanted to thank you for the link to, where I found several articles including one referencing the 1975 research on sleep disturbance in healthy people that I had heard about but couldn’t seem to find again. I have a cold right now which is making me nonsensical, so I apologize for the abruptness of this comment, but I had to say thank you, for writing this blog and letting people know what it’s like, for making your video, and for being an encouragement to me. I am glad to see someone else who is young and dealing with fibro, being a fighter.


    • jenfibrofighter
      Apr 20, 2012 @ 12:09:34

      Thank you so much for such wonderful comments! I’m so glad people are finding my blog and taking something from it! I can’t imagine having this going on at 17! Being a teenager is hard enough without extra added pain. I work in healthcare too, but do billing. I have a co-worker as an nurses aid who also has fibro and being on her feet most of the day takes it’s toll, but at the same time, it’s great you’re moving! Just so you know, your comment came at a great time. I’m having a bad week with my health and was feeling a little defeated. You’ve boosted my mood and motivation so thank you! Also glad you liked the vid 🙂


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