Mission Accomplished…

This week I fulfilled my fibro awareness challenge by letting my rheumatologist know about all of the side effects I’ve been having.  I have to give the office credit for their patience.  I saw the nurse practicioner  this visit and she spent a long time with me answering my questions.  The appointment was not rushed, and she really took her time.  After some recent experiences with Doctors (see my post about going to the E.R.), it was nice to be treated well.

While I’ve been told my symptoms were not typical of fibromyalgia, I let her know everything anyway…and it actually led me in a direction I was somewhat expecting, but not really mentally ready to take on.  After completing a questionnaire of symptoms, the nurse decided it was time to do another blood/urine test for lupus.  The results haven’t come in just yet, and to be honest, I’m not expecting anything abnormal…however…due to my symptoms she thinks it may be a good idea to go ahead and try a lupus medication.

The plan is to try the medication whether or not the blood/urine tests show anything positive (due to hitting enough symptoms on the questionnaire to lean towards lupus).  If the tests do come back positive, then she might try prednisone as well…which I really don’t want to do due to the side effects. 

Speaking of side effects…

The drug she wants to try with me is Hydroxychloroquine or Plaquenil.  While the side sound mild, the big possible side effect is vision problems…mostly temporary color blindness.  I would have to have an eye exam every six months while taking the drug.

The possible side effects of the drug seem worth the risk (at least on paper…if anyone has experience with this medication PLEASE share!).    

From www.lupus.org, Plaquenil can possibly improve the following:

  • muscle and joint pain
  • inflammation of the lining of the heart (pericarditis)
  • inflammation of the lining of the lung (pleuritis)
  • other symptoms of lupus such as fatigue and fever.

When the tests come back, the nurse practicioner is supposed to call me to start a game plan. 

I have also decided this week that it is time for me to start counseling.  After my lack of being able to breathe for 7 days I thought it may be time to get help with my anxiety.  I have had bad experiences with counseling in the past so I’m going into this somewhat guarded.  My main concern, of course, is he will fail to see the connection of any of the anxiety to my fibromyalgia.  I am not afraid to try different doctors until I find someone patient in trying to understand this.  I start my sessions in June and for the first time, I’m actually excited to start.  I was forced into counseling in the past this is the first time I actually feel “ready” to talk.  

This is another step my own personal fibro awareness challenge.  I’m not sure how many fibro patients receive counseling, but maybe my sharing will, in some way, bring some understanding in the connection between stress and anxiety with fibromyalgia. 

Mission accomplished for this week.  It’s only Tuesday…I’ve been busy… and I’m pooped. 



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