Round and Round…

The results are in and, as expected, my blood/urine tests came out normal.  No new drugs at this time but my doctor suggested getting tests re-done when I have my follow up appointment in six weeks.

It was suggested to have my thyroid checked again, but in the process of having the millions of tests to eventually diagnose fibro, my thyroid has always been fine.  I don’t have the patience (or the money) to re-do the multitude of tests that were done to bring me to my fibromyalgia diagnosis. 

I’m back on the merry-go-round and I’m ready to get off.  This happened last spring as well (as I’ve noticed my symptoms are worse in the spring) and the doctors never seemed to want to say symptoms I was having were connected to the fibro.  I understand, to a point, why they are resistant to say any problems are just due to a fibro flare (in case it’s something serious and they miss it), but at some point, the medical field needs to swallow their pride and mention other symptoms of fibro, out-loud, instead of hiding behind the “chronic pain” issue.  As a fibro patient, this is my biggest frustration.  I’ve learned how to manage my pain, but the other symptoms I can’t seem to figure out….and sadly, neither can our doctors (even the good ones like mine). 

My second biggest frustration; there is just not enough research going on to bring an understanding to us and to our doctors.  Even the National Fibromyalgia Research Association’s latest “what’s new” research is dated January, 2011.  I hope this Fibromyalgia Awareness Day not only brought some understanding to the public, but some much needed funding as well.

On the topic of Fibromyalgia Awareness…my video from the Fibromyalgia Awareness Contest 2012 has now had over 1000 hits on YouTube.  I have had many people subscribe to me now and feel like I may want to make more videos…but of what?

So I’m reaching out to you…What are some video topics you would like to see?  Have you read any of my blog topics that you’d love to see in video?  Most people know the run-down of symptoms by now, but is there  symptom you want to know more about?  Let me know!  Ideas are more than welcome!


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