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What mistakes are you guilty of?

“13 Mistakes Fibromyalgia Patients Make.”,,20389399_10,00.html

1-Not tracking your pain.

I am guilty as charged with this one.   I understand the thought process behind it.  Track your pain, see the connections in the time of day, weather, etc.   Did I do something that day that made it feel better?  Etc.

To be honest there are two reasons I don’t track my pain.

First…my pain is totally random.  I get the usual “rainy day” pains and “stress” pains, but then I also get the days like today:  75 degrees, sunny, beautiful, and I want to rip my neck off. 

Second…I just plain don’t want to think about it when I don’t have to.  If I’m having a pain free day then I’m not going bring up the subject of pain in any way, shape or form.  I’m always afraid I’ll curse myself by saying it out loud.

2- Expecting too much from medication.

Since I’ve tried the “fibro” drugs with no luck, I’m not guilty of this one, but I bet a lot of fibro patients are…and thanks to some misleading television commercials…so is the public. 

3- Refusing to consider off-label drugs.

Guilty again.  The example they use here is using an anti-depressant to treat fibromyalgia.  I refuse to take an anti-depressant and will forever refuse an anti-depressant. I gladly take pain over the way these drugs change my mental state.  Convincing doctors of this is a whole separate battle.

4- Not exploring alternatives.

Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, etc.  I am not guilty of this one, but it’s a sore subject for me.  Because I am an active person with fibro, I get a lot of negative comments, disbelief, and arguments on whether fibro patients can or cannot exercise regularly.   

“You can’t possibly have fibro and do cardio.” 

“Give it time, eventually you’ll be so depressed from fibro you won’t want to do those things anymore .” (Gee…thanks for the uplifting words!)

“Your fibro must not be as bad as mine because you exercise.”  Did the people (yes multiple) who said this to me ever stop to think….maybe my fibro isn’t as bad as yours BECAUSE I exercise.  I can’t make you try, but I hope by continuing to do what I do and showing that I’m, in fact, still alive the next day will, at the very least, inspire someone to try. 

5-Sticking with the wrong Doctor.

This is one of the main questions I get on this blog and through facebook messages. “Should I switch Doctors.”  I’m never quite sure how to answer this question, but I can say I went through MULTIPLE doctors (both family and Rheumatologist) before found the ones I have now.  I usually ask the person who asks me this question, “Are you getting what you want from your doctor in regards to how you want to treat your fibro?”  For example:  I don’t take pain meds.  My current rheumatologist was the only one I’ve had who was willing to use alternative treatments (like physical therapy) and not push meds on me. 

6- Denying that you’re sick.

They describe this as refusing to believe you actually have fibromyalgia.  I’m not sure I am, or ever was, guilty of directly refusing I have fibro, but I have definitely been guilty of refusing to believe some of the symptoms I’ve had that were related to it.

7- Not enlisting family support.

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.  Just ask my husband…it took me a long time to accept his help. 

8-Not reaching out to others.

This, sadly, can backfire in a lot of ways.  I have been lucky to have very understanding friends, but the subject can really scare some people away too.  It’s understandable…no one really knows what to say.  Although this article uses this as more of a “find a friend to lean on” example, I would also say that this example could also be used as a warning that fibro can lead to you wanting to isolate yourself from your friends and the word…don’t let it!  My friends have distracted me with laughter from SO many flares!

9- Not talking about it.

Not guilty here.  Please everyone!  Please don’t be afraid to talk about it.  Understanding won’t come without this!

10-Feeling guilty.

Guilty…of feeling guilty.  I feel guilty when I have to rely on my husband more than I’d like too.  When I miss out on a party or gathering because I feel like poo.  When I’m tired and snappy…the list could go on and on.

11- Letting Fibromyalgia get to you.

Guilty and I know someone with fibro would be lying if they said this never happened to them. 

12- Taking life too seriously.

*Sigh* Guilty again.  When you spend most of your days in “survival mode” it’s hard not get caught up in seriousness of the day.  Survive the pain…Survive the fog…Survive without falling asleep…Survive another headache, etc.  Zumba saves me from this.  It’s one hour to act as crazy as I want and not think of anything important.

13- Not moving because it hurts too much.

See my response to #4.

Hmmm…according to this I’m making a lot of mistakes.  How about you?


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