“I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”

It’s been a busy few weeks.  Worked a hellish half week, worked out, took a mini vacation with my Mom to Indianapolis for a late mother’s day gift, and my husband finally returned Friday from a two week work trip.

The last few weeks were, well…different… without him at home.  I’m not going to act surprised like I never realized how much he helped around the house until he left.  I knew darn well how much he did and became very paranoid after he left.  Could I do it all??  Could I work, keep up with my workouts, take care of the dogs, take care of the house, the chores, and all the little things AND not have my fibro attack me full force?

My answer to this now that the trip is all said and done is I “kind of” survived. 

My husband was the main coffee maker each morning (mostly because he tends to be an hour or two before me.)  I have discovered I am absolutely incapable of pouring coffee grounds into the coffee maker without spilling them all over the counter and kitchen floor.  I’m pretty sure my dogs had a good caffeine buzz going for the last few weeks since they are always right under your feet in the kitchen looking for clumsy food droppings!

While I may like to complain that I can’t understand how two people create so much laundry, I am now thinking it’s a bigger pain the rear doing laundry for one.  Yes…I didn’t have to do it as often, but the gross truth-be-told problem?  My Zumba clothes (soaked from class) sat in a pile in the hamper for too long and pulling out wet clothes three days later is…as I’m sure you’re already thinking…disgusting!

Sleeping is enough of a challenge with Fibro, but, for me, not having my routine at bed time or my husband next to me only made it worse.  The last two weeks brought the worst sleep I have had in years.  I tried to “make the best” of it with the “I have the bed all to myself so I’m going to stretch out in all directions” theory, but it was a huge failure.  The first night I think I stretched too far and woke up with a terrible stiff neck. The next multiple nights I saw the clock hit two or three, and by the night before my trip with my mom, I just gave up and slept on the couch.

I STILL can’t cook.  I’m not sure why my husbands leaving made me think that I would magically pick up the skill out of necessity or something but I was dead wrong.  I made a turkey burger the second night, but had to ask my husband if the colors coming out of the juice were safe to eat.  He said it was fine, but my stomach had already turned from the thought I may have poisoned myself and I couldn’t finish it.  This led to a few weeks of eating really badly.  Not junk food badly, just had no appetite.  I have to thank my mom for getting my appetite back when we went to Indy and I tried to eat my weight in brisket. Y.um.m.y.

I survived the yard work ok, although I’m convinced our weed eater only has eyes for my husband since it never wanted to charge.  I mowed and pulled weeds out of the garden, but the rest had to wait until he came back.  To be honest, I think he was glad to do it.  He actually really enjoys working in yard, but it’s a shame Indiana had 90 degree weather waiting on him when he came back.  I have to toot my own horn here and say “Thank goodness” I am not heavy anymore.  I couldn’t help in the yard when I was heavy without getting heat sick and am so happy I can do these things now…and as much as I never thought I would say it, I actually really enjoy it.  I know my husband is happy too, it’s a LOT of work for one person!

By the end of the last week I felt really sick.  I’m sure it wasn’t eating well combined with not sleeping well, and a little bit of fibro mixed in, but I felt horrible.  I had to leave work early Wednesday.  My heart was racing, I felt like I was going to throw up and felt like I was running a fever.  I went home and slept for four hours and started to feel a little more human.  I was miserable.


What I thought about most (and with perfect timing with Memorial Day coming tomorrow) is I have no idea how service men and women leave each other for so long.  Although this past few weeks seemed like a lifetime, I feel very fortunate.  I don’t know how those husbands, wives, and families do it.  A tremendous thank you to them for serving our country and being strong enough to go through everything they do for our freedom.  Two weeks was hard, I can’t imagine months, or even years of being away from home.  Thank you all.

I will have to say my trip with my Mom came with perfect timing.  It was the night before my husband came home and a lovely way to pass the time.  I hate being four hours away from her, but I can tell the distance hasn’t prevented so many similarities in our personalities.  We both got lost going to the hotel, we are drawn to similar clothing styles while shopping, and let’s face it…we look so much alike it’s uncanny.  While shopping, I’m pretty sure we completely confused a sales girl.  My mom is probably convinced that she was trying to figure out if we were together, but I’m convinced she was trying to figure out if we were mother and daughter, or sisters.  My mom is one hot lady!

We had a fantastic dinner and got to really talk.  I talked about my Fibro and how the video contest I was recently in impacted me so much. We talked about her life after breast cancer, our husbands, and the excitement we have to find out the sex of the baby that is on the way from my sister.  It was very relaxing.  We ended the night in the hotel hot tub, which I think should be covered by insurance for anyone with Fibro.  I hope my mom and I can travel more in the future, and I promise, when I win the lottery (which my mom lovingly pointed out I have to actually buy tickets first) that we are taking a trip to New York City!!

Today I get a visit from my sister and her family.  I’m excited to see them and my adorable nephew.  I’m so glad the end of this few weeks has been filled with family!



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