“Going for the Gold”

Right now the entire world is watching their country “Go for the Gold” on the Olympics.  Yesterday, I went for my own “Gold.”  Zumba Gold.

The Olympic athletes are pushing their bodies to the limits, and while I know it’s not a “true” comparison, I did the same during my training  to receive my Gold license yesterday.

Zumba Gold is a version of Zumba that is designed for those who are older in age, have medical conditions that make exercise more challenging, people who are overweight, people recovering from cancer treatment, people with arthritis, or *ding ding ding* Fibromyalgia.  The list of conditions could go on and on but my trainer yesterday said it best…Zumba Gold is for those where a regular Zumba class is not a good fit.  It’s an unbelievably inspiring program that has the potential to reach so many people who struggle with staying active.

To say the training was intense would be a GROSS understatement.  It combined seven Zumba steps, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Belly Dance, Tango, Raggaeton, and Flamenco.  Not only did we learn to use these steps in a regular Zumba class, but we also learned to make variations to fit a standing Gold class, and then learned how to change them even further for a sit-down chair class.  We learned body physiology, which was priceless information for ANY zumba instructor, whether or not they teach a “Gold” class.

The training, in total, was ten hours.  Out of the ten hours, I would estimate that only three hours of that was spent sitting down in a lecture.  That left the remainder of the day on our feet or moving in some way.  Everything from my shoulders to my toes were worn out by the end of the day (and I’m still recovering today) and every bit of it was worth the challenge on my body. 

I anticipated the basic premise of the training, but did not anticipate to end up in full-blown “ugly” crying tears mid-way through the day as our instructor shared stories of her Gold students, as well as her own personal struggles she had with physical limitations.  Stories of those who were bed bound before finding Zumba, stories of those attending class even through chemo treatment, people who attend even after a stroke, even though all they could do was tap their hands to the beat.  I don’t know about anyone else in the room, but I looked down at the Zumba Gold bracelet we received that day and felt major pride for being a part of this program.

I don’t have major plans in the works for classes…yet.  I’m so excited for the possibilities the future may hold.  My dream job, of course, is to reach those with Fibromyalgia.  I am going to embark on this dream slowly and patiently.  I know the work to get this going will be so rewarding in the end. 



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