Ohh…Ahh…Yes! Yes!

So I’ve been at my new job at a fitness/bariatric center for a few months now.  I’m starting to get into a groove there, getting comfortable in my new position…all the things that go along with starting a new job. 

Although…I’m getting used to an aspect of the job that isn’t a “common” issue when starting a new position.

I can’t sugar coat this so I’m just going to come out and say it…

People make sex noises when they work out.

Not just little grunts and puffs, but full blown, loud, heavy breathing, groaning, yelling out…with the inevitable final yell out at the finish.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging them in the least!  Good for them for working so hard and pushing themselves so hard to get fit!  But now I’m a little paranoid when I exercise that I may be making the same noises!  Not that anyone in the gym would think anything about it as it’s a normal part of the environment, but now I really think about it during my workouts.  This, in turn, has changed a possible grunt I need to get out while I’m in the middle of my “100” in Pilates into a laugh instead.  This not only makes me look a little crazy, but seems to be confusing my Pilates instructor.

I got to thinking about this more this week and my feelings on the subject?  Screw it (no pun intended)… Let it out!  If that is a part of getting healthy (or in our case, managing Fibromyalgia) then yell, moan, grunt, huff and puff…and get that exercise in!

It is estimated that 80 percent of people with Fibromyalgia are physically unfit, and I’m sure we’ve all been told that exercise can help improve our symptoms.  It’s hard for us, there’s no doubt in that…however… the noises I hear every day at work are the best evidence that it’s hard for everyone else too, in one way or another. 

Before Zumba, I was one of those people who was majorly intimidated by the Gym.  I was afraid it would be a bunch of beautiful, muscular people who were going to judge me for my inability to do a perfect squat.  There are people of all shapes, sizes, and reasons for being there.  Maybe the person is trying to lose a few pounds, or GAIN a few pounds, or get flexibility back after an injury, maybe they just had a baby, maybe they just wanted to get away from their kids for an hour, or maybe they’re fighting through a chronic pain condition like us!  Knowing what I know now I could kick myself for that fear.  Not everyone at the gym is a body builder or a model.  And here’s another secret let out of the bag…working out is not a “beautiful” process for any one.  Faces turn red, sweat flows, people cuss, people fart, and yes…they make sex noises.

I fully believe exercise has saved me from being completely swallowed by fibro pain.  I will always support it as important treatment for fibro patients.  If you want to try an exercise program, please don’t let the gym intimidation be a reason not to start.  If it takes a few moans and groans to feel even a little less fibro pain, then I say let them out!