You Big Baby!

The other night as I was giving my son a bottle I couldn’t help but notice how completely at peace he looked.  Eyes closed, toes stretched out and stopping every once in a while to smile at me…not a care in the word. 

I started to think about how adults (ESPECIALLY those with fibro) should follow the example of babies.  It’s those basic instincts, the innocent behavior that we push aside to “grow up.”

These are the things I hope my son can teach  me…my top five…


Slowing down to enjoy what I’m eating!  This is a terrible habit for a lot of people.  Eating too fast can not only give you an upset stomach, but can hinder weight loss.  I’m one of those, eat at my desk while at work, eat in front of the TV in a mad rush at the end of the night, umm…writing this blog as I eat my lunch…using eating as an opportunity to multi task instead of actually enjoy what I’m eating!  I’m not sure what my husband is going to think when I decide next time I eat that I plan to close my eyes, stretch out my toes and smile at him every once in a while…but I want to feel as peaceful as baby A looks when he eats!


Exercising is fun!  Yes…you know I already know this, but there are times when I try a new work out and hate it, lose my motivation and feel like I’m starting from scratch all over again.  When baby A exercises, it’s not “exercise” it is play.  His favorite workout?  Laying on the ground and kicking his legs out over and over.  He’s working his muscles…not to look good in a bathing suit (which will bring me to my next topic shortly) but because it’s fun.  Plain and simple. And that’s what exercise should be!  Fun!  Sometimes I need to remind myself that not only does exercise manage my pain, but it’s also fun.  If you don’t think it is fun, you’re not doing the right exercise…I have to remind myself of that sometimes, maybe I’ll even give baby A’s exercise a try!  Again…I can’t wait to see my husband’s face.  I figure I better warn him a head of time so he doesn’t see me kicking on the floor and he calls an ambulance before I have a chance to stop him. 


Letting it all hang out!  Baby A loves stripping down!  Out of the diaper, big smile on his face.  No care in the world for his fat rolls, pale skin and dimples.  Ok…calm down…I’m not saying that I’m going to attempt to walk around naked and I’m fully aware my fat rolls aren’t nearly as cute has his, but the lesson I take from this is that I should learn to be comfortable in my own skin.  I’m currently going through a “lose the baby weight” phase and I feel uncomfortable.  When I was obese, I felt judged.  I felt isolated and I felt ugly.  Now being a little overweight post-baby, it’s hard to not go back into that mindset.  I need to remember to be comfortable in the skin I have now, be patient and know I’m working on it.  I can’t let the fact that I didn’t lose 10 pounds in a week affect who I am as a person.  I’m imperfect and that’s ok.  I’m also a person who has a chronic pain condition, and that’s ok too…it’s not an imperfection…it’s a challenging trait. 


Relying on others.  Yes.  Babies don’t really have a choice, but at the same time, they’re not afraid to ask…or cry… for something they need.  I think people, especially fibro sufferers, think they can no longer ask for help.  We either give up on something altogether, or try to play superhero and do it all.  I think people are more receptive to the condition when you ask for help with what you can’t do instead of complaining about how much it hurts, or how hard it is to do something.  People don’t know how to help fibro, and they’re never going to know if we don’t tell them where and when we need help to manage.  Now I don’t recommend crying like a baby (although I’m sure my husband would argue I’ve taken this approach) when we need help, but you get what I’m trying to say.


Baby A doesn’t care what people think about him!  Farting, goofy giggle, boogers, bed head, ugly cries, burping like a full grown man…you don’t like it?  Tough.  I’m not sure why, as we start to grow, we begin to worry so much about what people think of us.  I’m 100% guilty of worrying about this too much.  I’ve always admired the people who act as though they honestly don’t care what people think of them…but the pessimist in me wonders if they’re telling the truth.  This is one of the biggest lessons I hope to take away from baby A…in a toned down way of course…I could fart, have boogers, bed head, ugly cries and man burps and not care what people think of me, but I figure it may be more appropriate to not care…with some manners.   



“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children. ” 
Jim Henson





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  1. Martha
    Apr 29, 2014 @ 23:53:41

    This might be your very best advice ever given! I will run with it and try to make this a part of me and my thoughts!


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