Take A Nap!- Guest Blog


I am starting a series of guest blog posts from people who are close to me.  I asked my husband to blog about his perspective on my fibro and he focused on what happens when fibro fatigue sets in.  I’m sure this issue is even more of a concern since our little one has come along.  I always find it interesting to see my fibro through someone else’s eyes…

So here it is….guest blog number 1 from my one and only!…


Living with Fibro- well sort of



I know it bugs her to no end that she is tired and I will MAKE her take a nap.  I say this, because, as the past has shown if she doesn’t, being tired brings out She-Hulk.  A moody, sad sack of what should be my happy wife, is now replaced with this “monster” that nothing can calm this beast down.  And it isn’t just for a short period of time.  This will last an entire day, if it is not recognized and dealt with right away.  This “beast” cannot be controlled either.  You think everything seems to be calming down, the “beast” seems to start smiling and turning less “Green”, then…BAM; the cat hacks up a hairball, and the house starts shaking from the sounds the beast starts making again.

Believe it or not, this beast can be stopped before it completely turns.  Not by a lab full of scientists in some secret underground lab.  But an hour nap. She doesn’t have to sleep for an entire day, but an hour nap, and then some moving around to “restart” her system (not necessarily exercise; just moving around) and the monster can be avoided.

I am completely serious about this too!  Looking back, anytime we have ever had any sort of argument about anything that really was insignificant (and there have been some).  They all were after she mentioned she just didn’t sleep very well, or she was tired, and did not take a nap.

I know a lot of the time she feels guilty for taking a nap, because the baby kept me up all night.  I don’t have Fibro, I can recover.  I have had bouts with insomnia for as long as I really can remember.  Me, not getting a lot of sleep is definitely not anything new.  But her not getting enough sleep… Let’s just prevent this



She Hulk


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  1. Katarina
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 03:53:16

    My husband calls me ‘ the creature’ at those times. I don’t lose my temper more when fatigued (that happens any old time) but I get really pathetic, demanding and needy. It’s like an alter ego!


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