Time Is Not Measured By Clocks But By Moments…


What has been going on since February you ask?

Hopefully I can remember everything I’ve been wanting to write in the past few months…


I’m trying to think of something I can do to represent this year and so far I’m drawing a blank.

My first year I asked people to wear purple and send me their pictures, (See the pictures here! ).

Second year I won my Fibromyalgia video contest. (See the video here).

The next year I’m pretty sure was my fibro ribbon tattoo and fibro ribbon pedicure.


The next year was my Fibro ribbon garden,


and then last year was a photo with my son…

Me and Aiden

I’ve only got 12 days left to figure out what to do this year!  Ideas anyone?

On to the next subject…Treatments…

If you remember a LOOONNGGG time ago I wrote a Blog about “Cupping Therapy”.  Recently, the clinicians in the Physical Therapy clinic where I work got certified to do this technique!  Ok…well, sort of…It’s not the ancient Chinese medicine called “cupping” but “myofascial decompression.”  The difference?  No scary fire technique or alcohol like what was mentioned in my blog, but uses suction cups instead.  The hickies?  Well those were definally still part of the process.


As far as results?  I liked it!  I think it really relaxed some super tight areas (those awful “knots”) in my back and it was well worth being “spotty” for a few days.  The patients in our clinic also seem to respond well to it.  Does it hurt?  Sort of….just a feeling of tightness, as oppossed to “pain”.

Recently my PT who does dry needling returned from her maternity leave!  Believe or not, I could not WAIT to get some needles dug into my knees again!   I genuinely have not had anything work as well as it does on my knees.  Did you miss my blog about dry needling?  Find it here!

I am also currently back in formal Physical Therapy for a very painful spot on my spine.  X-ray was clear, possibly looking at an MRI.  I have no idea what is going on with it other than it hurts…bad.  Could be fibro, could be arthritis, could be something else.  I don’t know, but I’m over it. It hurts to lift my child…I don’t like that.

I’m still doing the Humira shots…well…correction…my husband is giving me the shots while I lay on the bed with a pillow over my face so I can’t see what is going on.  One of these days I’ll be brave enough to do it on my own…I think.

What else is going on?

I’m 23 days away from my first triathlon.  I’m on a team where I will be swimming, and another will be biking and another will be running.  I’m looking forward to it.  It’s a new challenge for me.  I’ve never swam an open water race and I’m excited to do something new.  My swimming has improved greatly since the training season started.  It’s been good for me, physically and mentally.  I have one more week of coaching at the pool.  I’ll miss seeing my group every week.  They are great, amazing and funny people who motivate me every practice.  After I get my first race done I’m preparing to train and swim in a 2 mile canal swim through Indianapolis.  I’ve never been a “distance” swimmer and I’m a little nervous about training for it, but I’m SUPER excited for the race!

I have found out, however, that putting on a wet suit is a workout in itself.  Holy. Cow.

Wet Suit

My baby A turned one.

Babybaby                                                    babyA1

I can’t believe how fast he grows and it’s amazing to see him learn something new every day.  I know everyone is partial to their own kid, but I seriously have one of the cutest little stinkers ever.  I love watching him play, and “read” himself a book, and see how kind hearted and loving he is.  My favorite part of the day is sitting in a chair with him and resting my cheek on the top of his warm, fuzzy head.  I recently got a whole week off work with him.  We went to the park, had an ice cream date, took walks, had a visit with family and friends, and went to a music program at the library where he learned the Hokey Pokey and LOVED it.


He wore me out!

It was worth it.


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